Host (photo: Zanzibar, Tanzania ’98)

Over the years Ron has traveled more than 45 countries throughout Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. He stayed in many hostels during his travels and enjoyed meeting travelers from all over the world. Ron studied Engineering and Marketing. He loves cultural studies,sports of all kinds, good laughs, and dreaming of a better world for all.


Hostess (photo: Texas, USA ’06)

Tracee is from the plains of South Dakota near Mount Rushmore. Tracee spent 5 years serving on Mercy Ships traveling around the world serving the needs of poor community as a surgical technician with a medical team. Tracee was with YWAM Minneapolis for a discipleship training school. Tracee’s favorite pet was a goat named Beverly.


Manager (photo: Budapest, Hungary ’13)

Ryan grew up in Missouri but came to Tennessee when he moved away to college. He worked as a photographer and graphic designer in Slovakia prior to making his way to Nashville. Ryan has spent time all over the world, traveling and working across North America, South America, Africa, Australasia, and Europe.


Manager (photo: Ukraine, ’12)

Alisa is a born and raised Ukrainian who found herself in Nashville. She loves traveling and making new friends all over the world. She strongly believes that every experience is priceless- that’s why she will make sure that your time at the Nashville Downtown Hostel is unforgettable.


Manager (photo: Nashville, Tennessee ’16)

Tina is from Buffalo, New York. She believes the hosteling experience can enlighten everyone towards an understanding of the essential commonality between people from all cultures and walks of life, perhaps even planting the seeds from which a peaceful world can grow.


Manager (photo: Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver, B.C ’16)

Jazmine began traveling abroad at 8 years old, and has since lived all over the world. She spent time teaching English in Guatemala, Au Pairing in Spain and volunteering in Haiti before Nashville called her home. Jazmine loves meeting new people, immersing herself in new cultures, and learning everything she can about what connects people from entirely different worlds.


Administrative Supervisor (photo: Kunming, China ’12)

Carmen grew up in South America until the age of 13 and moved to the US. She attended North Greenville University to major in Broadcast Media with an emphasis in design. Still longing to travel, she then taught English in South Korea and traveled across Northern Europe. After returning to the States, she found that Nashville was a pretty cool place to live (even if she is not a huge fan of country music).


Supervisor (photo: Nashville, Tennessee ’13)

Patrick is a singer-songwriter born and raised in north-western New Jersey. He came to Nashville in the summer of 2011 and became part of the hostel staff in April of 2012. He is currently pursuing a career as a solo musician and songwriter in addition to being one of our supervisors.


Supervisor (photo: Madrid, Spain ’15)

Jimmy grew up in the City of Bridges, Pittsburgh, PA. His interest for music and nose for good food led him to Nashville in 2012. His parents live in Germany which has enabled many opportunities to travel with family and friends throughout Europe. In his spare time, he enjoys listening to electronic dance music, going to concerts, DJ-ing whenever possible, and telling stories.


Supervisor (photo: Platform 9 and 3/4, London ’15)

Caila has a melting pot of interests and experiences. A lover of the world, she has done a decent amount of traveling and living overseas.  Caila recently returned from Manzini, Swaziland after serving 2 years in US Peace Corps.  A native Nashvillian, she’s got a fair amount of love for her hometown as well. While her deepest passion is writing, she is figuring out life and living the dream.


Staff (photo: Narita, Japan ’15)

Nelly was born in Miami but has lived in Nashville for most of her life. She spent a month in a hostel in Tokyo and found that being around people of many different nationalities and backgrounds made way for good conversations. Nelly believes traveling broaden individual’s perspective by being exposed to the world that lies beyond one’s own comfort zone.  So she aspires to explore that world as much as possible. Nelly enjoys writing short stories and a good bowl of soup.


Staff (photo: Nashville, Tennessee ’16)

Dale is a Pennsylvania native who somehow wound up here in Nashville. He hopes to one day combine his love of music with his passion for traveling, and for meeting and creating relationships with others. When Dale is not indulging himself as a musician, he loves to cook, paint, and explore.


Staff (photo: Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming ’15)

Bo grew up in the mountains of north Georgia and attended art school in Atlanta. He has traveled extensively throughout North America, and has lived and worked in hostels in California. He enjoys good cinema and is an avid vintage comic book collector. He is a lover of all things art, and hopes to own and operate his own studio in the future.


Staff (photo: Fiji, ’14)

Freeman is a native of Nashville. Since graduating from college, he has lived in Fiji and visited several states giving lectures on climate change resettlement and sustainability. When not working on issues of justice, Freeman enjoys writing, singing and photography. Above everything else, Freeman is an all around awesome person.


International Ambassador (photo: New York ’14)

Originally from Canada, Jeff spent most of the 90’s busking around the world. He then found himself in NYC where he ended up living for 15 yrs. Now that it’s Nashville’s turn, Jeff hopes to make it as a singer/songwriter. Always the optimist, Jeff believes “If I’m gonna fail as a musician, it might as well be in Nashville.”


International Ambassador (photo: Grand Canyon, USA ’16)

Born and raised in rural Saskatchewan, Canada, Trevor has traveled the world including Eastern & Southern Europe, Mexico, Cuba, and has backpacked across the lower United States. A hopeful country music singer/songwriter, Trevor believes in doing what makes one happy. For him this includes anything food, writing, music, or outdoor related. Trevor’s biggest accomplishments in life are setting the world record for received hi-fives in a day, and being a sponsor of Habitual Liars Anonymous.


International Ambassador (photo: Mt Tongariro, New Zealand ’16)

Alexis was born in Los Angeles and has lived between LA and New Zealand where her family is from and has come to Nashville to follow her dreams. She loves to travel and enjoys new experiences. She also loves to have a good laugh. Alexis believes that the hostel opens you up to new opportunities and invites wonderful, new people into your life.